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What is a FIP?

Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise (“FIP”) is a strategic structure devised as a tool to benefit the PE/VC industries, making the Chinese marketplace and its vast Chinese Yuan-Renminbi (“RMB”) liquidity far more accessible to foreign investors or fund managers. Under FIP’s new measures, foreign entities or individuals in their capacity as general partner of a fund are able to source investment in foreign currencies in tandem with sourcing RMB already onshore in the PRC for their fund. Furthermore, the FIP provides that non-Chinese enterprises and/or individuals may set up a FIP on their own, or include Chinese individuals and/or companies and become partners of a FIP. Previously such an arrangement was limited to Joint Ventures.

尽职调查清单(Due diligence)

Recently we helped a client to buy WFOE ( Restaurant) in Beijing, China. I will present you the DD List we used for your reference.