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The first thing you have to consider when you decide to start business in China is protecting your trade mark, making it both strong and original.

It is important to note that China uses a system according to which you will not be protected by the Chinese law if a similar mark has already been registered in China. For this reason:

You have to register your market before you enter into the Chinese market; otherwise, it could be huge risk.
“Before” means as soon as possible: this process can take up to 18 months. NB: China is a member of the Paris Convention ant the WTO, so European businesses need to fine in China within six months of feeling of the same mark in Europe in order to keep the original application date, so called priority date.
Remember that the trademark is the “business card” of your company: is a sign that specify your purpose and identify the goods or services you want to produce/give. The sign may be composed of words, devices, letters, numeral, colours and any combination of the above. (It must be distinctive)